Yoga [Camel] Retreats – What’s the Big Fuss?

yoga retreat camel trek

YOGA and CAMELS, who would have thought (besides the Camel Pose – Ustrasana)? But it’s true, yoga and an outback camel trek can be combined. The rumours are spreading far and wide about it’s uniqueness and life transformations that yogis are experiencing on these outrageous camel trips.

once a year go someplace new


The popular She Said website and blog for women across the globe announced the top best yoga retreats in Australia. We were honoured to have a mention. Desert Stars Yoga Retreat have had a big success with their Yoga Camel treks the past 2 years (now retired), along aside the White Medicine Walkabout Yoga Retreat Camel Trek, the yogis are loving the different retreat setting of the outback, getting dirty and interacting with the camels. Although it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, the life lessons are the core of these special trips. The ancient yoga belief isn’t simply about the physical practice that is portrayed so often these days, it’s more about the yoga of life. The history of Yoga was practiced to calm the mind before mediation. Yoga acted like a warm up.

What is the yoga of life?

It’s everything. It’s being one with nature, it’s getting to know yourself, your limits and your abilities, it’s getting to know others, it’s compassion, it’s acceptance of whatever ‘is’ at any given time. It’s an ‘art’ of our life journey we try to master. It’s about the journey, not the destination.

yoga retreat camel trek

On an outback yoga camel trek everything matters.

The quite whispers of breeze at night as you lay in your swag (bedroll) and look at the night sky.

You become more sensitive than ever before, but find inner strength in this.

You notice the finer, dare I say, more important details about life.

You begin to appreciate things more.

You ARE more.

You begin to see the bigger picture of your life and the lives that surround you.

You notice what’s been holding you back for so long and some important questions get answered or are long forgotten about because the importance had worn off.

You learn from the camels, their easy way about life makes you see a reflection of yourself through them. They act as your Gurus.

outback camel yoga retreat

All the things you ever knew about yoga have now completely changed and you realise that yoga is life and life is yoga. Your practice is deepened both physically and mentally. You realise that you are a teacher and a student.

As you flow with the camel trekking days like a gentle vinyasa, with cleansing air to compliment your breath you notice what matters and how love is not just a word.

I’ve been honoured to have a ‘sneak peak’ at next years (2017)  Desert Breath Yoga Camel Trek – “wow” comes to mind! My friends Tony & Kirsten have something far beyond magical in store for any Yogi willing to dive deeper into what yoga is about. Kirsten & Tony completed their Yoga Teacher Training course just as I was considering of doing the training myself. They told me (after a Yoga Class with them practicing by my side) to “do it” and I’m forever in the debt for their encouragement. Even though I do not ‘teach’ yoga now, on a personal level it has deepened everything within me. It has given me strength both physically and mentally where I thought I did not have strength.

Will you go someplace new both within and out?

Will you join this adventure?

More info here: Breath of the Outback Camel Trek


Yoga Retreat camel trek

Written by: Tara Lea


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