How Camels Have Changed People’s Lives [World Camel Day]

World Camel Day How Camels Have Changed People's Lives


We have a very special episode for you today, because World Camel day is June 22nd (every year) and for us and many camel lovers world wide this is a great excuse to share the amazingness of these animals that we’ve fallen in love with. 


If you Google World Camel Day its offical explanation is to create awareness about the camel worldwide and its production of food, wool and transportation in many indigenous cultures, past and present. 


In this particular podcast episode for World Camel Day we’re shaking it up a little and sharing heart-felt stories on how camels have changed individual people’s lives in ways that you couldn’t even dream up. 


We did a ‘call out’ for stories of people and how camel’s have changed their lives and the responses we got were completely heart warming to say the least. 


We read these stories out load in this episode to honour The Camel and their ability to help us feel at home in our own skin, the transformation that they can offer (consciously or unconsciously) and how they impact our day to day lives. 


You’ll leave this episode with your heart full and maybe even some tears shed (we know our eyes welled up during this episode).


This is in appreciation and dedication of ALL camel lovers out there in the big wide world and of course the wonderful camels that impact (or shall we say ‘camel-pact’) our lives. 


Tune in now on your favourite platform… you won’t want to miss this episode!

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A very Happy World Camel Day to you all and THANK YOU for being here with us to appreciate The Camel on World Camel Day!


Now we’d love to hear form you!


Tell us in the comments below how camels have impacted your life in one way or another.


Remember your story matters – big or small or in-different.


Let’s Celebrate the camel!


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