Woman In The Wilderness with Miriam Lancewood

Woman In The Wilderness Miriam Lancewood


Today we have a treat for you!


We had the pleasure of Interviewing Miriam Lancewood, author of Woman in the wilderness.


We wanted to interview Miriam about her wilderness adventures, because we know, that some of you listening, have brought camels for this idea of living more freely, trekking with your camels to remote places, far away from anything…. not to mention a large number of you who are wild about being in the wild and experienced this first hand with us on one of our camel treks. 


I (Tara) have personally just finished her amazing book about her 8 years (so far) living out in the wilderness with her partner Peter.


They have….


No phones.

No work to attend.

Some savings to help buy food every few months.

Their own two legs.

Back packs…

And a heart open to what the wilderness can teach.


It’s their way of life, but it hasn’t always been this way for them….


Miriam was born & raised in the Netherlands. After completing her Bachelor-Degree of Physical Education she worked for a year in Zimbabwe, and then traveled to India – and in India she met her now husband Peter.


Peter had resigned from his job as university lecturer in New Zealand and had moved to India to live like a ‘modern nomad’. He had lived five years in India when they met.


Together they hiked over eight mountains ranges in the Himalaya, journeyed for years through South East Asia, including Papua New Guinea, and eventually they ended up in Peter’s home country: New Zealand.


Miriam worked for a while as a teacher, when they decided to give up all their worldly belongings and move into the mountains with a tent and bow and arrow, but hunting came with its challenges as a devoted vegetarian.


They wanted to learn how to hunt & survive in the wilderness, and they wanted to find out what happens to the mind and body, when living in the beauty of the wildest nature on earth.


In Miriam’s book, Woman In The Wilderness (available anywhere where books are sold), she writes about just that. The challenges, the changes in their physical, mental and spiritual health and tells how her life looks form her perspective of living out in the wilderness since 2010.


You just have to tune into the entire interview, we promise you’ll leave feeling inspired in your own way – you can watch our video interview with here or listen to the audio. 


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Or Watch Video Interview…..


Miriam’s website: https://miriamlancewood.com



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