Wild Camel Protector John Hare, Explorer Interview

John Hare Wild Camel

John Hare is no stranger to adventure and camels as an explorer, conservationist, author & co-founder of the Wild Camel Protection Foundation. 

John has undertook a number of incredible expeditions with camels into remote parts of the world, frequently travelling alone. 

This kindled John Hare’s life-long passion for camels.

Some of John Hare’s amazing camel expeditions included being part of a scientific team to research the status of The wild camel in Mongolia – the 8th most endangered large mammal in the world. 

The Wild Camel Protection Foundation has established the Hunter Hall Captive Wild Camel Breeding Centre in Mongolia with 12 wild camels, which had been captured by Mongolian herdsmen. 

This is the only place where the wild camel is held in captivity apart from two zoos in China. In 2010 the population had increased from 12 to 25 and now (2019) up to 33.

Now there are plans to undertake the first release of the captive wild camels back into the Gobi desert.

John has completed some incredible camel expeditions in places like Kenya, The Gobi Desert (Mongolia & China), crossing the Sahara Desert, experiencing both the bactrian and dromedary camel.

John Hare is a massive camel lover and in his case protector too!

Tune in now to hear of how John ignited his life long passion for camels and just some of the incredible ‘camel stories’ while undertaking epic explorations by camel.


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Somethings we covered with John Hare:

  • The very first time John met a camel and his first impressions
  • How he managed to swim 22 camels across a raging river in Kenya
  • How he became the first foreigner of 45 year to gain permission to enter a forbidden nuclear test area
  • The vast difference between the domesticated bactrian camel and the wild two humped camel
  • How the dromedary camel has evidence that it originated from the bactrian camel
  • Future plans for the Wild Camel breeding program and the Foundation


And so much more!


To support the Wild Camel Foundation visit www.wildcamels.com

Wild Camel Protection Foundation John Hare


John Hare’s website visit www.johnhare.org.uk  


We recommend John Hare’s Books (clickable links):

Mysteries of the Gobi: Searching for Wild Camels and Lost Cities in the Heart of Asia 

The Lost Camels of Tartary: A Quest Into Forbidden China

Shadows Across the Sahara: Travels with Camels from Lake Chad to Tripoli


John Hare’s parting note and advice to all listeners:


“Never give up. Something might come your way that will change your life forever”




“It’s never too late and never retire!”


It was such an honour speaking to John with so much experience in expeditions and he really is the Wild Camel expert.


You don’t want to miss hearing this episode – we believe every camel lover should hear what John has to say!


Happy Camel Connecting 


Russell Osborne & Tara Lea Australian Camels

Camel Training Cameleers Tara Lea & Russell Osborne



Mongolian Camel Journey


Mongolian camel journey


Are you an adventurous animal loving person…?


You could be part of this once in a lifetime experience & adventure of paying it forward, helping the Mongolian Bactrian Camel (who is threatened of extinction) and have an adventure of your LIFETIME! 


You could be the perfect fit to join us, as a team, in the Mongolian  Altai Mountains  – home of the famous Eagle Hunters 🦅 – on a 12 day adventure to buy, train & GIFT Bactrian camels 🐫 to a village (➕plus so much more… keep reading…)



Mongolia camel journey

In September of 2019, we’ll buying, training, trekking and *GIFTING* a herd of Bactrian camels to a local nomadic village to help preserve their camel culture and the Bactrian camel from ❌ extinction 🐫


Mongolia camel journey

A total of 12 days: We’ll be training bactrian camel’s using our Camel Connection Trust Based Camel Training®, camel trekking 🚶🏼‍♀️🚶🏽‍♂️🐫🐫 through the magnificent Altai Mountains 🏔, visiting the famous Golden Eagle Festival 🦅, living with a Nomadic family (far away from cities), sleeping in traditional Mongolian Gers, learning local customs, bonding and sharing our cultures plus SO much more‼️


BOUNUS PART 👉🏼 You’ll be leaving a positive  footprint 👣 by helping sustain a micro-economy of using camels for their milk, wool & ability to transport!


YOU could play a significant role in helping keep the Mongolian camel culture alive 👊🏼!

(In Mongolia the wild camel 🐫 is the 8th most endangered ❌ large animal on the planet ☹️)
If you’re an animal lover, adventurous, willing to work in a team, a humanitarian at heart and willing to have the time of their life then you NEED to check this out in more detail.


Mongolian Camel Journey

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Mongolian camel journey

Mongolian Camel Journey



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