Why Camels Bite [Camel Q&A]


More often than not we get emails from camel owners asking for support around their camel’s “biting” issue.


A camel will bite, or attempt to, when they are feeling threatened, looking for food (the problem with “treating” camels) and or if they are in the Habit of biting from a history of needing to defend themselves.


Not one case of a “Biting Camel” is the same, they are all very unique. That’s why we recorded this episode on Why Camels Bite, because if you work with camels or own them the number one most important thing to learn is your camel’s way of thinking.


We help you understand WHY a camel would bite in this Camel Q&A episode.


Tune in now to hear this Camel Q&A: Why Camels Bite.

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