Why Camel Trek in Australia – Interview

camel trekking camel treks

As seen on Down Under & Beyond Podcast, by Brett Parry

This week features the very first interview I have done for the podcast and it turned out to be a beauty! I found the Australian Camels Facebook page by accident and after a good browse through this and also their website, I had to find out more. I am so glad I did.

Russell shares the story of how he went from the world of academics to setting out on a two year Camel Expedition, through to now hosting visitors from around Australia and the world and leading them on a journey of discovery on their outback camel treks in Australia. Tara gives some great insight on the history of camels in Australia as well as some aspects of what people can expect when taking part in one of their camel treks. Finally they tell us about the wonderful satisfaction and reward they get from hearing how participants go away from each camel trek with a new perspective on life.


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