When a Camel Isn’t as Trained as You Thought [Camel Q&A]

trained camel

Maybe you’ve brought a “trained camel” and as it’s turned out that the camel doesn’t seem to be responding as a trained camel should. Is there any hope for [you and] this camel moving forward…?


There’s a few red flags with this, which we cover in this Camel Q&A alongside these points:

  • The lack of industry and industry ‘standards’ of what a trained camel is
  • How to recover a situation like this (spoiler alert: there is hope)
  • Things you can do to “test” any new camel you’re looking at purchasing. 


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Russell Osborne & Tara Lea Australian Camels


Camel Training Cameleers Tara Lea & Russell Osborne



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