What’s Love Got To Do With Camels?

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Love, Respect and your Camel

The camel in India is well known as the symbol for love. Those with a healthy relationship with their pet camels will fully understand and appreciate this symbolism but for those new to the camel as a family member, the camel is often thought of as an animal who is hard to understand. The process of removing one’s ego and allowing a loving, trusting bond to be created through the gentle process of Trust Based Training is an essential and key element to successful, long term camel training achievements.

By removing one’s ego and allowing the camel to enter into your heart creates an incredible life long bond between handler and camel. In the process of Trust Based Training, the methodology of the process allows for the opportunities to arise to create such a bond. A bond that intensifies over time as camel and handler go on a journey of love, respect and understanding as the training program progresses.

Never will I forget the very moment I got my first camel. A small baby camel with big eyes and of course, a very long neck. What did I know about training camels way back then? Truthfully, absolutely nothing, but I was hell bent determined to find out how to effectively and successfully train camels. After all, I wanted the very best for the camels who would enter into my life and consequently enter into my heart.

Trying to find out about camels and camel training here in Australia is no easy task by any measure of the stick. There seemed to be no-one who would part with any concrete information about how to go about training camels. Those who did part information were mainly those who hadn’t trained camels before and when I thought I found someone who would assist, I discovered that they used a heavy handed method of training which did not resonate with me at all.

It wasn’t until I found a gent by the name of Phil Gee, who had a Wild Camel Handling Course (back then) that operated on the principles of love, respect and understanding with a training method called Trust Based Training. Only one day after being a part of Phil’s Wild Camel Handling Course, I recognised that here was a training method that fully respected the camel. I knew almost instantly that this method had been used with numerous species and had amazing results. In short, I discovered what I had been looking for. A Camel Training Method which was based upon the camel and the handler creating a team whereby trust was a key element to the success of the handlers training and the camels training.

By being open to the concept of the Trust Based Training Method, the camels I now operate with know and understand me in a similar way to how I know and understand each individual camel. We have a high level of trust between us and the results only get better. This is mainly due to the fact that the training methods used in Trust Based Handling has an add on effect as time passes. It just gets better.

Upon reflection, the Trust Based Training Method of Training Camels is based upon love for the camel as well as the camel loving the handler. It’s element of trust that is built upon over time allows for more daring and exciting adventures with the camels. The bond between the camels and the handler get stronger and when acting as a team for a common purpose, the results are outstanding.

Trust Based Training reminds me of the farmer and his fields. Do the work early, go through the proceedure, do it correctly, add in all of the elements that will lead to success and see the results as the bond, friendship and relationship between camel and handler grows.

Russell Osborne.
CEO Australian Camels

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