What Everyone Ought To Know About Camel Trekking

Camel Trekking

So often, people ask us ‘what is camel trekking like?’
For each and every person it is different, but our main objective is to get you back into the REAL WORLD. The world that we stray far from as we live within the world of concrete and glass, schedules and bills to be paid. The world which at the core of our human essence we all crave: Getting back to nature! The amazing thing is that we all crave this, in different ways of course. I think we all need it to survive and be at our optimum health. There are many studies that prove that getting out in nature is good for our health – you’ve probably seen them floating around. They are nice to read and always cause a bit of guilt to arise in us, that we KNOW it’s good for us, but life is too busy and takes it away from us. Truth is that only we can take that away form ourselves.
Choices on where to holiday for example: A city with a Motel room or an adventure outdoors, feet on the ground, maybe even with animals if you’re an animal lover. The adventure lover should definitely look at doing a camel trek at some point in their life. My (Tara) first personal experience doing a camel trek was mind blowing. It really reminded me of who I am on this earth and the importance that I play. It reminded me on how amazingly big the world is and that because of it the ‘universe’ (or God) has the power to help things to heal, to change, to express gratitude. It reminded me of myself. It’s hard to explain how to two interconnect, but it’s like I truly met myself (or god, mother nature etc) for the first time ever.

Camel Safari
There’s nothing like a sunset to remind you of how amazing mother nature is.

An extract from Russell’s book Camelman Dreaming sums up a day on an exploration camel safari in the heart of the Australian Desert:

“As we crossed over a sand dune, in the distance, a shimmer of reflection from the water hit our eyes. There was pure white sand and the region was teeming with wildlife. Birds of all sorts, washing, swimming and feeding! This was a piece of paradise in amongst the sand dunes. Lunch today was on the shores of the lake and the camels had a drink from the waters of the lake. It is possibly one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen in the desert so far. Again, the country opened up even more in the afternoon and the walking was easier.
A series of sand dunes, one after the other, started to form and so we decided to camp on one of the dunes. Camping in sand dune country was bliss. I thoroughly enjoyed sitting on top of the dune looking down into the valley and watched the camels feed. In the distance, a herd of about twenty wild camels could be seen. I had the rifle with me just in case they came our way. Fortunately, they went in the opposite direction. Tonight was heaven! On a sand dune with squeaky clean sand, a warm fire, the camels well fed and happy, a hot meal and a shooting star light show that could never be imitated on a television screen. I sure didn’t miss the idiot box!”

Doesn’t this make you feel all warm and welcome inside? It’s like mother nature herself is calling us to be with her to bless us with the gifts she offers.
What everyone ought to know about the camel treks we conduct is that there is one mission: to help you connect back to nature, animals and yourself. It’s really that simple. We don’t do any fancy “woo woo” things to ensure this happens, the process happens on it’s own, in it’s own time, just as you need it. Combining the magic of the outback and the camels is a perfect combination for long awaited ‘retreat’ back to nature and finding or realizing your place on this earth and just how well mother nature looks after you. It’s refreshing, soul enriching and unforgettable.

What do you think?

Is it important for us to be out in nature?

Where is your favorite place to visit to be in the great outdoors, out in nature?

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— If you would like to read more about Russell’s book Camelman Dreaming Click HERE

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