The Unstoppable Cameleers – Max & Ronja from DromeDairy


When you have a dream in life, excuses are abundant, road blocks appear and this can all feel disheartening at times.

Today you’re going to hear form two incredible cameleers who put their excuses to the wayside and realised that they too could do something amazing alongside their camels.

Max, who is legally blind & his wife Ronja started with 4 camels after they became aware of Australia’s feral camels being shot dead onto the desert floor of the outback – this didn’t sit right with Ronja. She told Max about it and before you know it 4 camels appeared. They wanted to help the ‘camel situation’ in Australia, like most people want to, so they set out their goals and made a plan.

40 camels later the German couple are running DromeDairy, milking camels and making body care products from the camel’s wonderful milk.

We’ve dubbed Max & Ronja from DromeDairy The Unstoppable Cameleers. It sure inspires us if we’re having a ‘bad day!’

In this inspiring interview with Max & Ronja you’ll learn how Max became head camel trainer (even though legal blind) of his camel dairy and how this has impacted their camel dairy located in Western Australia. 

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