The Camel Industry – How To Make A Difference

the Camel industry

Whether you’re a camel owner, want-to-be owner, camel professional and or a camel lover, YOU can help make a difference to the camel industry and therefore ‘The Camel’ on a global level – and truth be it, this ‘industry’ needs all the help it can get!


In this episode passion strikes as we discuss the four major points that can help shape a camel industry, help keep the camel industry alive (and successful!) AND… Help preserve camel species and cultures around the globe. 


We cover:


  • How owning camels and being a responsible camel owner can help impact The Camel in ways that you’re probably not aware of.


  • The micro economy of the ‘camel industry’ and how thinking small is keeping the industry small.


  • How sharing camel information and services is done in ways that aren’t making the impact that is needed.


  • How you can help preserve camel cultures and species across the globe, including the bactrian camel species (the worlds 8th large animal species under threat of extinction) and the Indian camel.


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What was the biggest takeaway that you got form this episode and or can you add to the list of ways we all can help The Camel Industry?


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Russell Osborne & Tara Lea Australian Camels




Mongolian camel journey


Are you an adventurous animal loving person…?


You could be part of this once in a lifetime experience & adventure of paying it forward, helping the Mongolian Bactrian Camel (who is threatened of extinction) and have an adventure of your LIFETIME! 


You could be the perfect fit to join us, as a team, in the Mongolian  Altai Mountains  – home of the famous Eagle Hunters 🦅 – on a 12 day adventure to buy, train & GIFT Bactrian camels 🐫 to a village (➕plus so much more… keep reading…)



Mongolia camel journey

In September of 2019, we’ll buying, training, trekking and *GIFTING* a herd of Bactrian camels to a local nomadic village to help preserve their camel culture and the Bactrian camel from ❌ extinction 🐫


Mongolia camel journey

A total of 12 days: We’ll be training bactrian camel’s using our Camel Connection Trust Based Camel Training®, camel trekking 🚶🏼‍♀️🚶🏽‍♂️🐫🐫 through the magnificent Altai Mountains 🏔, visiting the famous Golden Eagle Festival 🦅, living with a Nomadic family (far away from cities), sleeping in traditional Mongolian Gers, learning local customs, bonding and sharing our cultures plus SO much more‼️


BOUNUS PART 👉🏼 You’ll be leaving a positive  footprint 👣 by helping sustain a micro-economy of using camels for their milk, wool & ability to transport!


YOU could play a significant role in helping keep the Mongolian camel culture alive 👊🏼!

(In Mongolia the wild camel 🐫 is the 8th most endangered ❌ large animal on the planet ☹️)

If you’re an animal lover, adventurous, willing to work in a team, a humanitarian at heart and willing to have the time of their life then you NEED to check this out in more detail.


Mongolian Camel Journey

Who knows…?


This might be the best and most impactful travel adventure you have 👉🏼




Trips like this will open your heart 💔 and mind and leave lasting impressions which you just cannot find anywhere else.




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    Nice response in return of this query! I liked all that you described, it makes complete sense. Thank you for being a voice of this matter.

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