The Australian Camel Controversy: Shoot & Kill or Else?

Australian Camel Cull

Reportably, Australia has over one million camels in the vastness of the outback. Over past years, the Australian Government opened up a massive political and social divide by granting $19 Million for the aerial and ground destruction of 160,000 camels over a four year period.
However, a few entrepreneurs are well on the way to using feral camels by domesticating them and milking the ships of the desert.
The demand for camel milk is enormous and with too few dairies for camel milk in operation, the price of this “white gold” as it has been described is currently at a premium price.
SBS (The Feed) recently reported on the feral camel situation at one particular cattle station in the Northern Territory. Their problems with the feral herds who rome through the outback and their solutions to these problems are reported within the video.
On the other side of the continent, in Queensland, a camel dairy has been created and is combining forces with a local cheese factory.
Great watching and of course such a topic raises questions about how best we can manage the feral herd to create good for mankind and the camels themselves. Video below:

What do you think?

Should the government be shooting to kill or using camels as a resource?

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