The All Purpose Camel Saddle Explained


Take a sneak peek of all the features of an all purpose camel saddle, for the dromedary camel.

Watch Russell explain why he chose the All Purpose Camel Saddle before his 2 year walk with camels across Australia.



  • After 15+ years the camel saddle featured in the video is still in excellent condition 
  • Russell announces that his open up order (one time offer) to make 2, exclusive, handcrafted camel saddles.
  • What to look for in a good quality camel saddle
  • How Russell learnt to make these types of saddle (and the $10k investment)
  • Interchangeable camel saddle frames (ideal for growing camels)
  • Why Russell chose the All purpose camel saddle over the many other styles that are used
  • Benefits of handmade camel saddle
  • Demonstration of ‘all purpose’ camel saddle


If you’d to take advantage of this exclusive offer as well as the 20% discount that we’re currently offering CLICK HERE to find out more before orders close (April 17th, 2019).

All Purpose Dromedary Camel Saddle


Did you miss the Camel Saddles Explained Webinar?

Watch the replay HERE

camel saddle webinar


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