Why We Went to Thailand To Train Camels

Camel Training Thailand

To be quite honest it was never in our radar to visit Thailand for CAMEL TRAINING or even Cameleer Training for that matter!


When people think ‘Thailand’ they associate it with bad, harsh and inhumane treatment of animals. When the proposal first arrived for the need of our professional advice on training camels we hesitated. Tara especially was digging into Google research with who these people where are they treating there animals good?


Our worst fear was that money meant more to them than the camel’s welfare, which is [in some countries] the case. After much research into who the Camel Republic was, who owed it, what was there mission and how they presented themselves, we were please to offer a 10 day Training Course for the team of Cameleers, camel handlers at Thailand’s Camel Republic in February 2015.


VIDEO: Tour of Camel Republic Thailand 


Our values are very important to us as a company and it’s especially important that any clients or potential clients fall into our value criteria’s before undertaking any co-working relationship.


As professional cameleer trainers and camel trainers we’ve had the opportunity to witness all sorts of camel training methods – worldwide – we pick up tips here and there to help evolve our methods further, but we wholeheartedly believe in our Camel Connection Trust Based Training® Method for Camel training.


To us, it makes complete sense that if you treat an animal with respect by understanding THEIR thinking then you’ll get respect in return. When we say respect we mean healthy boundaries & a mutual trust and respect. A relationship. 


Many camel trainers shun at the idea of training camels through trust and respect because they think that means that at anytime time, the big, cantankerous beast could over power you and potentially hurt or kill you. With camels, nothing could be further form the truth, they are not malice by nature.


Once the fear is minimised from the camel they have no need to defend themselves and that leaves an open opportunity to really connect with them.


VIDEO: Meet The Camels at Thailand’s Camel Republic…


We disagree that large animals needs a heavy hand – in this respect, camels – this is out of date thinking. We as a human species can be at one with animals although, our primal thinking, which is fear based, can take over sometimes.


In our experience with camels we’ve noticed a great shift in their energy when a bond of mutual trust and respect has been made, you’re now at one with the camel. The new Cameleers of Camel Republic grasped this concept really well and the transformation was amazing to witness.


Initially they [the new cameleers] thought that you needed great strength and a heavy hand to train a camel – to ride in their case – but when Tara, who is only 5 foot something, began to handle these “big animals” with ease, patience & trust, the ‘mighty men’ began to melt and regress their physical strength, what they thought was necessary to train camels, and put more heart & mind strength into training their 3 camels to ride in their new camel riding operation.


Camel Training
Camel Kisses for Sophia by new Cameleer


What we learnt from our 10 days with some dedicated camel handlers at Camel Republic Thailand, is that for us, it matters more what we DO than what we SAY, because they couldn’t understand English very well.


When we were lucky enough to have the translator available even then action ruled over words. A great learning curve for us and a successful investment for Camel Republic Thailand that now have a camel riding operation in place where they take customers on a small (sandy) circuit full of camel history and knowledge to educate the public of these magnificent animals.


Camel Training Thailand
Our final training day with Thai Cameleers


We left a bit of our hearts at Camel Republic with their camels: Sophia, Nomad & Katreea. It’s evident that there is a ripple effect. Camels do that! They have that magic about them!


Camel Training in a zoo was a delight. Especially seeing so many other magnificent animals up close like the Giraffes.


We feel honoured to spread our message of trust and respect for camels though opportunities like this. It’s all for the camels (and their people) Our #1 passion!


VIDEO: Our experience of training new cameleers in Thailand….

We would like to hear what you think…

Do you think that building a trust with animals is more important than being dominate?

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Happy Camel Connecting!


Russell Osborne & Tara Lea Australian Camels

Camel Training Cameleers Tara Lea & Russell Osborne

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