Rescue Camel: Queen Sheba (Part One)

Rescue camel

Back in 2014 we received a facebook message….. “I love how you guys treat your camels, I have a proposal for you can you please give me a call…?”


Despite the bit of scepticism we had, we decided to call.


We spoke with a german lady who runs a donkey sanctuary in South Eastern Queensland, who had one lone orphaned camel, namely The Queen of Sheba – who you could tell, was VERY loved. 


It was time for Queen Sheba to “be a camel” this meant to be with other camels. 


Her owner wanted this for her and saw the opportunity that we could give her within our herd of camels, so with some consideration we decided we would give her a forever home. 


So we packed our bags, hitched up the trailer for a 3,200km trip to meet Queen Sheba and bring her home to become part of our camel family.


This is part one of her story….


Queen Sheba’s Mother was shot when she was just a few months old. In Australia camels are classed as a pest. It’s LEGAL to shoot camels on crown land/ in the wilderness. 


Watch video below…








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