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Level Three – Camel Competent, Professionals Course

12 Month Professional Cameleer Course

Camel Training, Experience, Advice, Techniques & Support


Every once in a while we get a person contact us that is CERTAIN that camels are for them – this excites us and is why we are here to [hopefully] see you through to your End Goal.


Do you want to start your own camel business idea working with camels, but are struggling to find the right information and resources to get you started? We understand exactly where you are! WE’VE BEEN THERE TOO!


Camels and the [undeveloped] ‘industry’ is a hard thing to access and even harder and more time consuming to try and make something of it for yourself.


Google-ing takes up hours and hours of your time, and in the end, still nothing has come from it. The frustration continues! This is EXACTLY why we have created the Professional Cameleer Course. For people like you who would like to create a camel business venture from working with the animals AND make money!


The good news is that with our Professional Cameleer Course, YOU CAN NOW get the help that’s needed to see your camel ideas, goals, dream come to fruition. 


We’re here to get you from where you are right now, to where you want to be in the shortest time frame possible (without the dodgy shortcuts). 


We’ve streamlined our business and training so we can help people like you!

We will guide you through all our courses from Camel Handling/Training Skills based on trust to expedition skills for business ventures outdoors.


This course is designed for people that have a camel idea in mind: A commercial operation, big expedition or a camel business idea. 


We combine levels 1 to 2  and tailored one-to-one mentoring to see you through to your end ‘camel goal.’


We tailor this progressional camel course to suit your goals and can supply everything for your business set up: training, knowledge, experience – this is your one stop shop!


We can also provide you with the right camels most suitable to your needs AND all the equipment necessary!


You will get access to all our online programs, ready to watch whenever you need 24/7, as well as in-person Level 1 & 2.


From making saddles to learning how to market your business we can supply you with [almost] everything you need to reach your end goal.


The only thing you need to bring to The Table is your drive, motivation, passion, stamina & an un-shakable determination. 





An Idea of What we Can Included in the Professional Cameleer’s Course…

  • IN-PERSON LEVEL ONE, CAMELOLOGY: Trust Based Camel Handling Course (max two attendance)
  • IN-PERSON LEVEL TWO, CAMEL QUANTUM: Training for trekking, expedition/working camels
  • – 2 DAY CAMEL TREK: Where you’ll learn camel handling skills with practice on experienced camels, important camel routines, additional husbandry & behaviour.
  • CAMEL SOURCING (Australia only): Camels to suit your needs and personality! We help you make the perfect match with an ideal seller for your first few camels.
  • 12 MONTHS ACCESS to our online Cameleer Academy & Virtual Camel School which includes additional courses like:
    • ONLINE CAMEL SADDLE MAKING WORKSHOP (2 days): Build your own Camel Saddle – Camel Saddle making workshop  with ongoing support.
    • CAMEL EQUIPMENT MAKING WORKSHOP: Learn how to make and repair all your own camel equipment ( halters & ropes, hobbles, neck straps etc)
    • COMMUNITY FORUM to connect with other Camel People 
    • CAMEL VET: access to camel vet talks and consults for setting up your business 
    • HANDLING TUTORIALS: For the miscellaneous camel ‘troubleshooting’ that arises 
    • CORE CAMEL TRAINING LESSONS: Learn online at anytime by utilising the core camel training lessons in video format.
    • 16+ HOURS OF CAMEL TRAINING VIDEO LESSONS: You can never learn too much! Dive into the recorded “LIVE CAMEL YARD LESSONS” at anytime during your pro course.
  • 1 ON 1 MENTORING:  professional one-on-one advice and mentoring for an entire 1 year.
  • ACCESS INFORMATION: Information related directly to your particular situation, including good insurance options (at a low cost) & protocols for your new operation.
  • – PROCEDURAL ADVICE: on developing safety procedures for camel handling and your operation(s).
  • CAMEL CONSULTS: Information of how to manage difficult behaviors developed by your camel, on call over phone/skype.
  • ADVANCED CAMEL TRAINING SUPPORT: How to develop on-going developmental procedures for more advanced at home training.
  • ADDITIONAL SUPPORT – ARISING: Support material specifically suited to your requirements.


Plus so much more!


This course is valued over $10k (payment plans available), princes vary depending on your needs.


Please only inquire if you want to invest the time motivation, passion, stamina & an un-shakable determination. 




****** PLEASE NOTE: We want to see you (and your new camels) succeed in your new business idea/venture and we want to give you 110%…. This is why we ONLY OFFER TWO PLACES on this course annually. Make sure you get in touch with us to organise your “YEAR OF THE CAMEL!” ******



What makes our Professional Cameleer Course Invaluable to Aspiring Cameleers?

We understand that building a business from a passion can be hard work and very time consuming. We have done all the hard work for you over a space of about 18 years! We’ve built a business running camels safaris in the desert, running training courses, camel riding operation, managing large herds of camels and developing professional standard for this new industry. We want to see others follow in these footsteps and make camels as common as horses!

Professional direction, advice and knowledge, the keys to success!


This Program Is for you if…

  • You want to learn everything you need to know to begin your business venture with camels.
  • You wish to work with your camel, not have the camel work for you.
  • You want ongoing support form ‘people who have done it’ to ensure your success.
  • You need a common sense and respectful approach to training your camel(s)
  •  If you are feeling overwhelmed as to where to begin training or feeling stuck on the next best step.




If you are not at this stage yet please consider on of our other courses HERE


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Tara Lea Russell Osborne


Along our camel journey we’ve learnt many things, often the hard way, which makes us determined to share all the camel information that we know with you through training courses such as this.


We specialize in helping new camel owners get comfortable with their new found wooly friend, learn how to handle, train, bond with and care for their camel(s).


We’re Tara & Russell, Mentors for camel owners and camel lovers & practitioners of Camel Connection Trust Based Camel Training® & teach camel psychology!


We’re beyond passionate about sharing a positive message about training & handling camels from a place of connection, compassion & a deep understanding of camel psychology.

We’ve had an array of camel experience
working in and managing…


Camel Riding Operations

Camel Trekking Operations

Personal Camel Expeditions

Running Camel Training Clinics Australia Wide & Internationally

Camel Management & Farming

Camel Expeditioners

Tourism Operations

Mentor’s for other Camel Business Owners

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We’ve have the pleasure of working with camels and their handlers in the humidity of Thailand, the Steppes of Mongolia, the colourful and craziness of India, isolated deserts in Australia and the USA.