Preparing Camels For Vet Care: Camel Q&A

camel vet care

How do you prepare a camel for vet care – what equipment and setup do you need…?


In this weeks Camel Q&A we discuss a variety of ways you can prepare a camel for vet care. 


We’ve spoken to many vets across the globe and many don’t feel confident to deal with camels due to their lack of knowledge on them, but more to the point, because most vets don’t have a positive experience due to owner/handler error in not having their camel prepared for the arrival of the vet, hence the vet can’t provide the best care for the camel. 


There are many ways you can prepare your camel for vet care and that’s exactly what we’re discussing in this Camel Q&A episode. 


Things We Cover:

  • Why YOU as a camel owner need to be properly prepared for better care of your camel.
  • Three different ways to prepare your camel for vet care.
  • The most important things to remember before & during a vet visit. 


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