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Pain Management For Camels camel vet


Camel’s are clumsy! On our farm, we get a lot of minor injuries from camel’s running (not a camel’s natural pace), bumping into things, fighting within-herd members, or sometimes eating too much of a nice tasting plant!


We’ve hd some close calls with vets advising us dangerous medications to our camels, only because they didn’t know any better (neither did we in some cases)!


Most large animal pain relief is really dangerous to camels – so watch out (and keep reading)….


Whether your camel has had a fall and hurts itself or has chronic pain due to past injuries or is age affected watch or listen to this Camel Vet Talk with Dr. Margie Bale to get a better understanding of pain management for camels. 


We cover SAFE pain management for camels because most “normal” pain management for large animals are deadly to camels and we see way too many mistakes made by camel owners and vets that don’t know any better.


Here’s a glimpse of what we’ll cover:

  • Common pain camels get
  • Signs a camel is in pain
  • When to give pain relief 
  • Types of SAFE pain relief medications


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