Camel Disease That Broke Our Hearts! Every Camel Owner Needs To Know: Osteodystrophy aka “Big Head”


There’s LOTS to learn about camels and their health, we know, but if one dis-ease stands out and is a MUST KNOW for anyone considering buying/owning camels or already has camels it’s Osteodystrophy – otherwise known as “Big Head.”


Nutrition (and parasite control) is the main factor in causing this disease so YOU, as a camel owner can prevent it! You can also buy camels already with the disease without knowing a year or two later – like we did!


This disease broke our hearts last year when we saw 6 camels of ours having to be put down as they began to severely suffer (as you’ll learn in this video/audio).


There’s a bit of raw and emotional footage of the day before some of our camel’s deaths as we wanted to show you how this disease affects the camels, but more importantly make sure other camel owners/want-to-be owners are VERY aware of Big Head in camels.


Dr. Margie Bale joins us for a Camel Vet Talk on osteodystrophy in camels which the entire talk on preventions, stabilizing the disease & testing for it (if buying camels)  is available in our Cameleer Academy Membership which always welcomes new members.  


In the coming months, we have more to share with you on “Big Head” in camels as we’re seeing our last camel “Standing” with osteodystrophy – with no severe symptoms – spring back to life with certain treatment protocols (it’s not cured, because it can’t be cured, but it can be stabilized for the camel to live a long happy life).


Watch the video/listen to the audio….

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Watch the entire comprehensive camel vet talk on Osteodystrophy in Camels by becoming a member of the Cameleer Academy online membership where Margie is resident camel vet and shares different Camel Vet topics every month!


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