One Important Must Have if you Own a Camel

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Have you recently gained a camel into your life but are now unsure as to whether or not you have made the right decision? After all, they seem very different to other animals, right?

Well, the truth is they are different! They are not horses, dogs or fish, they are camels with their own way of thinking, doing things and reacting to different situations and circumstances.

Camels can appear to be flighty, They seem aloof and when approached, if they havent been trained to want to be with their handler, they will shy away from human contact. Don’t worry, this is normal behaviour for the untrained camel. You now have a task ahead of you.

How do you develop trust and friendship with your camel?

Well, the answer is simple! Have faith in yourself that you are going to follow a pathway that gains respect, gains friendship and gains a desire to be with you from the camel because the camel enjoys your company.

Getting the right advice and training techniques under your belt to achieve this is paramount here.

In times of stress, when everything is going wrong and the camel is uncontrollably scared, if you have within you the tools necessary to calm your camel down based upon the friendship and trust developed over a period of time, the camel will remember to a time when kindness, soft and gentle handling and respect was within the forefront of the camels memory. This recall of such an event, especially if it has been achieved with quiet, gentle persistance, will bring your camel back to a sense of peace, calm and trust in you as the handler.

However, if the camel only has a memory of violent handling with aggression, anger and pain, why would the camel ever want to trust you as the handler ever again? The answer is simple, the camel just wouldn’t. This camel would only be acting and obeying you as the handler out of fear of repercussions based upon it’s memory of past events.

Where is the trust and friendship with aggressive and dominant handling? Well, there isn’t any is the simple answer.

Trust Based Training Methods of Camel Training is totally based upon gaining trust between camel and handler and vica-versa, developing a loving bond between handler and camel, building a long lasting friendship and total respect for the camel and the camel totally respecting the handler.

Trust Based Training Methods of Camel Training stand out from other training methods in that it is focused upon developing a positive connection between you and the camel, continuously building upon the bonds created for long term positive results.

The question remains: what else out there in the area of Camel Training that comes anywhere near achieving these types of results? Simply, there is nothing else that compares or even comes close to the positive outcomes achieved with Trust Based Training.

Russell Osborne
CEO, Australian Camels

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