No Camel No Life – Life of a Sahara Desert Cameleer


Learn about the traditional ways of the nomadic camel people (desert cameleers) of the Sahara Desert and how much camels influence their daily life. Take note of the camel bonds held between the Tuareg’s and their camels!

The Tuareg’s (of the Sahara desert) are the last indigenous people to live in the Sahara and to this day they continue to thrive out in the desert with the help from the camels. Sidi says “no camel, means no life out there”.

From using camel milk to supplement their diets to making rope from the camel fur, it all makes up this life cycle of living with camels and utilising them in every way possible.


We discuss the constant arising issues about Australia’s Wild camel population and share some possible solutions for the Australian feral camels and how they can be utilised as resources in an unconventional approach. We compare why we can’t export camels, utilise their milk and fur as the Tuareg’s do.

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Russell Osborne & Tara Lea Australian Camels

Cameleers Camel Trainer Tara Lea & Russell Osborne

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