Mongolian Camel: Lessons We Learnt

Mongolian camel Tara Lea Russell Osborne

One thing we know for certain is that life is a continuous cycle of learning, especially when working with animals. 


Every camel course, event and trek we do, without fail, we learn something new about the animals that we are so blessed to learn from and work with.


We have our ‘foundation training’ we teach and work within at every event we hold, but one thing can NEVER be learnt in full and that is the millions of different camel personalities that exists and how to adjust training & handling to suit a particular individual (camel). That’s why so many of you keep coming back for more courses and events with us – the learning is endless (and addictive)! 


Camels are like humans in that sense, and often it surprises people, that every camel has a completely different personality. 


In this podcast episode we’re sharing all the noticeable, and not so noticeable, learnings from working with, training & handling the Bactrian camels in Mongolia.


Tune in now to hear how we came across the opportunity (as Australian’s who’ve never seen a bactrian camel before) to work with & train bactrian camels in Mongolia. 


And the amazing (and sometimes hard lessons) we had to learn like the first noticeable difference in the training & handling of the bactrian camels and the adjustments and adaptations we had to make. 


Tune in below on your favourite platform. 

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We’re looking for 8 adventurous people to join us, as a team, in the Mongolian Altai Mountains – Home of the famous Eagle Hunters.


In September of 2019, we’ll buying, training and gifting 8 Bactrian camels to a local nomadic family – and we’re inviting you to be part of this unique experience. 


When we travel international we like to get a taste of what it’s like to live like the locals.


For our trip to Mongolia this year, this means living with a Nomadic family, far away from cities, sleeping in traditional Mongolian Gers, learning local customs, bonding and sharing our cultures. 


Our 2019 Mongolian Camel Journey is for the open hearted and minded individuals who are willing to be flexible and to expect the unexpected. 


We’ll be spending 5 days training 8 bactrian camel’s using our Camel Connection Trust Based Camel Training® in preparation for our camel trek to a local camel & eagle festival, and of course, their new home with a nomadic family. 


We’re looking for adventures camel lovers, people willing to work in a team and be flexible and of course, willing to have the time of their lives! 


Trips like this will open your heart and mind and leave lasting impressions which you just cannot find anywhere else. 


To find our more about our 2019 Mongolian Camel journey and to apply before applications close visit 

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