Cameleer Academy Membership

You’ve landed here because you want to continue to learn more about camels….

You’ve realised that there is an endless stream of things you need to know about how to care for, train and handle your camel(s).


The endless Googling is time consuming – we know, we’ve been there too!


It can be so frustrating trying to find reliable & professional information about camels.

The conflicting advice can make you feel like camels may not be for you and you might as well give up now.

You’ll never have to open up 50 ‘Camel’ Google search tabs again!

You’re now in the right place to get all the camel information you need to train, handle, feed and care for your camel(s).

Cameleer Academy


  • Camel Training & Handling Advice & How Tos
  • Camel Confidence Q&A with World Leading Experts
  • Proven Camel Care & Husbandry Information
  • Camel Vet Talks to keep your camel healthy
  • Camel Equipment Workshops
  • Camel Veterinary Procedures

…In the Cameleer Academy Membership you’ll have access to  a


We were in your position once and we made some expensive mistakes….

Not to mention our poor camels putting up with the lack of reliable information we were given. It sucked even more for them!


It was so frustrating for us in the past….


We were told to “do this” by one camel person then “do that” by another camel person, in the end we knew this was not fair on our camels.


Unreliable camel information can quickly flatline your camel ideas & dreams, not to mention confuse your camel and possibly put their health on “the line.”


Take Russell as an example. It took him 13 YEARS to achieve his goal of trekking across Australia with camels. It was only until he found a knowledgeable & experienced camel mentor that the confusing & conflicting camel advice ceased. As he now says...

"If you want to be a swimmer don't listen to a tennis player"

Russell Osborne Camel Training

We get that you have camel ideas and dreams and probably don’t want to waste time being confused & conflicted between different camel information.

This sucked so much for us that this made us DETERMINED to set out on a path of sharing only the most advanced and most reliable camel information from experts that actually know what they are talking about (and have a good track record).

That’s where you come in! 

If you’re like us and want to do the right thing by and for your camel(s) then keep reading….

You can now get things ‘right’ and feel supported all the time  within our Cameleer Academy membership….

Plus – you’ll be around our amazing & supportive “Camel Community”

We wanted to give you an opportunity to consume only the best, most reliable and professional camel information that we were searching for all those years ago (and made all the mistakes in the process).

Right here is your #1 place to get camel training and handling tips/advice AS WELL as camel husbandry and Camel Vet Talks….

Students of Virtual Camel School get their 1st month free

Now you don’t have to wake up at 2am wondering if you’re doing the whole ‘camel thing’ right as you’ll have Camel Support, only a click away.


  • You’re a camel owner / want-to-be owner
  • You want to do the right thing by and for your camels
  • You want to consistently learn more about camels & keep up to date with the latest & best information
  • You want reliable, professional information that won’t derail your camels training progress OR their health & wellbeing

For as little as you can have access to a library of camel information on….

  • Camel Training & Handling Videos
  • Camel Care, Husbandry & Health documents, videos & tutorials
  • Camel Vet Talks & Procedures with Specialised Camel Vet
  • Camel Equipment Workshops, DIY & Information
  • Mentoring - Get Your Camel Questions & Concerns Answered

Every month we release a new Camel Vet Talk and a new Camel Training  video or Equipment Workshop.

If you have ever wished for direct support from Camel Experts then the news is good for you…

In the Cameleer Academy Membership you’ll get direct support from us – the world leaders in Camel Training, Handing & Psychology via the portal and an exclusive Facebook group.

We do not offer this direct consistent Camel Support anywhere else!

Every Camel Owner Can Benefit From the Cameleer Academy Membership!

virtual camel training school

It's a no brainer - you have camels, you must be in the Cameleer Academy where you'll get access to a Camel Library of information!

Imagine a one-stop-place for all your camel information needs...

  • Easy (and fun) to consume camel information without searching for hours
  • It’s easy to navigate (even for the 'non-tech' people)
  • Direct access to Camel mentors (that’s us, Tara & Russell)
  • Chance to ask questions as you go along
  • Access to specialist Camel Vet information



As soon as you become a member you will be sent your unique access link and password


You’ll have immediate access to the membership portal where you’ll find a library of camel information ready to consume.


Twice a month, every month, we will email you letting you know that a *new* Camel Vet Talk and Camel Training/handling Tutorial  or workshop is ready for you to access.


Join the ONE & ONLY one-stop camel information place on the internet! 


What you get…

When you sign up  you’ll get an ALL ACCESS PASS  to a Library of camel training/handling videos – on training, handling & husbandry.

Access to Camel Vet Talks – we understand that without a healthy camel you won’t have a camel for very long, that’s why we’ve included camel vet and husbandry talks that will keep your camel healthy & you up to date with the best camel health information

You can cancel your membership at anytime.



Where you can…


Ask questions about your camel’s training, care, husbandry and post updates and get tailored advice.


This is the only place where we give individual advice outside the LIVE rounds of Virtual Camel School.


You’ll also meet like-minded, friendly, camel loving people in our supportive community! 


The Cameleer Academy can be accessed anywhere at anytime so long as you keep your membership active.

PLAYS ON Smartphones, iPods, tablets, laptops & PCs with internet connection

camel training
camel training
camel training




  • Click the Join Cameleer Academy button
  • Complete purchase transaction and fill in details.
  • Check your emails where you’ll find an email from us with your exclusive access details and links to start learning more about camels

Students of Virtual Camel School get their 1st month free 


What if I sign up and don’t like it? 

You can cancel your membership at anytime. Simply cancel within your account with two clicks (it’s easy!) or send us an email. For the Annual packages, we offer a full refund within 30 days (incidentally, no one has taken up up on this, they’ve loved it so much). 

I’m not a “tech person” I think I might  get confused…

Well you’re in good company! We’ve made our Cameleer Academy so easy to login & navigate so it’s accessible to everyone – even the “non techy” people. Also, at anytime you are feeling a bit “lost” or confused you can access our support team!

How do I access the Membership? 

As soon as you click “join now” and go through checkout you’ll get your new membership/login details sent to your email inbox. This gives you immediate access to the full [private] library of the ever growing “camel content.” 

You can login to access your membership & community at any time of the day – there’s even an app you can download so you have info when you need it most (when you’re with your camels!)

Does this replace your blog, YouTube & podcast content ?

Our free content will always continue on, but the Cameleer Academy Membership is a more in-depth how-tos & camel care for those who want more camel information than our blog provides. And… a more organised library of Camel information! 

So if you’re short on time, the Academy is where you need to be at to find all your camel information. 

Do you offer refunds?

Given that this is an online offer and it’s hard to track how much content you’ve actually consumed, we don’t offer refunds, but you can cancel your membership at any time and your access will end at the end of the paid term.

How do I access the “Camel Community”?

The Academy “camel community” is mostly hosted within a Facebook group. Once you sign up and are a full member you can request access to it. If you don’t use Facebook we’ve had some people just create an account without any details or friends and access the group that way.

Can I ask camel questions at anytime (and will they get answered?) 

Yes of course! That’s one of the major reasons why we decided to open up the Academy is so you when questions come up – which they WILL – then you have a place to come to get a professional answer.  You can ask your questions in the Facebook Group OR in the membership area under any of the content.

Will I always have access to the Cameleer Academy? 

As long as you’re an active member you will have access to the growing library of camel information. If you cancel your membership you will no longer have access to the Academy.