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Every camel owner [or want-to-be-owner] needs a ‘one stop shop’ of reliable and up to date camel information on camel wellbeing, training, handling & vet care. That’s exactly why we created the Cameleer Academy Membership.

This is for people who are serious about keeping their camels (or future camels) in excellent health and continue excellent, world class training & handling. 

We’ve brought together the world leaders in camel health, vet care, training & handing – all within the Cameleer Academy Membership.

You’ll get access to a library of camel information on caring for camels, handling, training and access to a Camel Vet!

Learn Camel Connection Trust Based Camel Training® from wherever you are in the world!

4 week, easy to follow, ONLINE camel training program.

In this Camel training and handling online course you’ll find over 8 hours of camel training content – this cannot be found anywhere else on the internet!

LIVE steam with us once a week in our own camel training yards (or you can catch the re-play) where we delve deeper into the lesson, give demonstrations, troubleshoot and answer your individual questions for better camel training + connection results!

Virtual Camel School is Ideal for anyone who has camels, or is keen to have camels in the future and wants to build a strong relationship and training foundation is is built on connection & trust.

Our blog offers learning via written articles, our podcast & YouTube videos.

Enjoy a wide range of free information on our blog including Camel Q&A, interviewing of ‘Camel People’ doing amazing things & information from camel training to wellbeing. 

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