Introducing Horses To Camels Safely

Introducing Horses to camels

A common concern for new camel owners or those thinking of becoming a camel owner is how their horse(s) will cope with sharing space with a camel (or two…)


We recently acquired a horse so we thought we’d vlog it for you so that you can see our recommendations in action.


It’s a really simple process, but like all good animal handling, good animal intuition is a must and of course common sense. 


Watch the video now to see how we introduced a horse to our camels with these simple steps.



We would like to hear what you think…


Do you find yourself getting video helpful? What was your biggest takeaway? 


Leave your comment below!


Happy Camel Connecting!


Russell Osborne & Tara Lea Australian Camels

Camel Training Cameleers Tara Lea & Russell Osborne



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