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2019 Mongolian Camel Journey

Mongolian Altai Mountains, September 6th – 15th, 2019

Camel Training Camp, Camel Trek & Philanthropic Adventure


September 5th – 16th, 2019

Mongolia Camel Journey


Journey to the magnificent Altai Mountains, home of the famous Eagle Hunters to bond, train and trek with the magnificent bactrian camel.

Live with a nomadic family, stay in traditional Mongolian Gers (Yurts), go camping with camels!

You’ll feel yourself come alive on this active Journey with a compassionate twist of gifting a herd of camels to a village.

Don’t miss this opportunity of authentic culture, visiting the famous Golden Eagle Festival, training camels & doing a camel trek in Mongolia!

***No previous camel experience needed!***

Join us – limited Places – get in quick!

Mongolian Camel Journey
photo credit: wonder Mongolia hostel

2019 India Camel Journey (Including Pushkar Camel Fair)

October 26th – November 9th 2019

India Camel Journey

If you dream of traveling and seeing as many camels as you can, then you’ll love this trip!

Known for its spirituality, bright colours, hospitality and of course its CAMELS!

Imagine an incredible camel experience  in India…

Working with local camel herders
Buying camels (yes, you read right),
Training camels…
…and walking ‘our’ newly trained camels rural villages having a truly authentic experience!

Seeing india by foot and with camel. Does it get any better!? Yes it does…

After our short 2 day trek to local villages we’ll be on our way to the famous Pushkar Camel Fair to see even more camels and get involved in India’s camel culture! As well as exclusive group tour of Pushkar explaining its history & spirituality (and best places to shop) and enjoying the celebration of this major annual event.

Then, an important part of the journey,we will be gifting our 8  camels to a special Rika village, which we now call our ‘family’ from previous visit, who will utilise the camels to enhance their micro camel dairy to increase to support the village and local economy.

Last year we had such a blast, so many unexpected, but wonderful surprises, we’re welcomed like kings and queens, made deep connectionswith village members and we got way morethan we bargained for!

So many of you ‘wished’ you were there, this is your chance to now join this wonderful adventure that you will not regret!

Our collective goal: Empowering people with camel ownership and “Changing the world one camel at a time”.

Get on The Wait List  – Only offering 8 Places

October 26th – November 8th (14 days)

. International camel tours

Our Compassionate Camel Journeys are international adventures abroad designed for the adventurous and open-minded animal loving people just like you!

We intwine each journey with philanthropic deeds aimed at helping keep camel cultures alive and supporting local economies in foreign countries.

Join us on one of our international adventures and you’ll be sure to leave a positive footprint on camel cultures and their people across the globe! 


Our international journeys, at heart, are all about sharing cultures, compassion and giving back!


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