India Camel Journey

November 6th – 19th 2018

Train. Give. Explore.


If you dream of traveling and seeing as many camels as you can, then you’ve come to the right place!

INDIA. Known for its spirituality, bright colours, hospitality and of course its CAMELS!

Imagine an incredible camel experience  in India…

Working with local camel herders

Buying camels (yes, you read right),

Training camels…

…and walking ‘our’ newly trained camels to the annual and ever popular  Pushkar Camel Fair!

Seeing india by foot and with camel. Does it get any better!? Yes it does…

We will be gifting our 8  camels to a special Rika family who can utilise the camels to create income to support the family and economy.

“Give a camel & it lasts a lifetime. Give money & it lasts a day” is our company’s core values. Empowering people with camel ownership and “Changing the world one camel at a time”. 

Join us – Only offering 8 Places  5 places left – get in quick!

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India Camel journey puskar
Image by Jim Cline

Training & Buying Camels in India

You’ll be learning our Camel Connection Trust Based Camel Training™ method, in India in a rural village with the Raika [camel] people who are known for their strong bonds with their camels.

With help from local villagers we will be selecting and buying (gifting) camels for the Rakia community to utilise once we have trained the camels over a period of 4 days. This will involve, training the camels in basic commands and eventually riding (depending on male or female) and most importantly building a strong foundation of mutual trust and respect.

Part of the training will be walking the camels, 100km, for 3 days through rural Indian villages to get to the famous Pushkar Camel Festival. Just Imagine all the adventure!

India Camel Journey walking camels
Walking camels to Pushka Camel Fair

Undoubtedly, this will be the most amazing camel experience of your life don’t delay, join us today! 

Join us – Only offering 8 Places 5 places left – get in quick!

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This adventure  is like none other available on today’s adventure market. You will be expertly instructed in training and handling your very own camel for 7 days, whilst experiencing India’s hospitably, colours, spirituality and cultural diverseness.

This trip is not for the faint hearted! It will be chaotic, bamboozling, intoxicating, crazy, exasperating, wonderful, beautiful, daunting, overwhelming, and fantastic with us and other camel enthusiasts.


India Camel Journey

What’s Included? Well, almost everything…

  • 1 Nights accommodation in Delhi with group, Nov 6th
  • Transfers to and from all Airports
  • Internal flight from Delhi to Jodhpur  (Nov 7th).
  • Camel purchase in India
  • Homestay accommodation in Pichiyak Village – 5 nights (Nov 7th-11th).
  • Daily breakfast & dinner (Nov 6th-14th). Lunch can be easily (and cheaply) obtained.
  • Professional Camel Training Mentors (that’s us!)
  • Trust Based Camel Training Clinic (Level 1 & 2), 7 days total
  • Guided 100km (approx.) walk with camels to Pushkar Camel Fair
  • Camel cart with camel fodder (food) accompany us along our walk to Pushkar
  • Local village accommodation at night stops on way to Pushkar (including meals) Nov 12th-14th)
  • Accommodation in Pushkar, Nov 15th – 17th , close access to fair grounds.
  • 3 full days at the Pushkar Camel Fair
  • Daily breakfast, lunch & dinner while at Pushkar, Nov 15th- 18th
  • Dinner with Dr Ilse Kohler-Rollefson (from Camel Charisma) plus book signing (Camel Karma)
  • Group SURPRISE evening that will blow your mind (close to Pushkar), Nov 18th
  • Transfer from Pushkar to Delhi by vehicle, Nov 19th
  • Accommodation in Delhi, Nov 19th
  • Back-up vehicle for entire duration of Journey
  • Assistance (translators) at all arrival and departure points.
  • Staffed trained in Emergency procedures and first aid.
  • Access to all our online camel training courses and support group
  • The time of your life!

All you have to do is get to India (Delhi)!

$ 4497pp (AUD), All Inclusive. To book you only pay $2347 upfront 

This trip is for you if…

  • You love animals and have their best interest at heart
  • You want to learn a Trust Based, gentle, non-dominating approach to handling a large animal
  • You’re adventurous and open minded
  • You love the idea of gifting a camel to help sustain a community
  • You love travel & change
  • You’ve dreamed of doing a camel journey (expedition)
  • You’d like to gain experience working with camels or learn more about camel handing, training and husbandry.
  • You love meeting new [camel] people
  • You love the idea of working in a team of like minded people
  • You’re wiling to open your heart and mind to a whole new, life changing experience
    And…You can’t wait to go…

Join us – Only offering 8 Places 5 Places left – get in quick!

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November 6th – 19th, 201, $4497pp (AUD), All Inclusive. To book you only pay $2347 AUD upfront 

Who Are We and Why Trust Us?

When the idea of journeying to India to train and gift camels to sustain a community came to us we deeply understood the importance of respecting and understanding the cultural heritage of camels in india. In India, Camels are the symbol of love (for obvious reasons if you’ve been around camels before). This alone made us deeply honoured to be welcomed into local villages to work ‘with’ them to help secure their future with camels and “Changing the world, one camel at a time” through empowering camel ownership.

We’re holding this Camel Training Camp & Journey to India for people like you who want to join us in training camels in India through the Trust Based Camel Training™ method and gift these camels to sustain a community. We will be working together as a team, with you and the other camel enthusiasts, to help create a working relationship with the camels, but also a strong bond of trust and mutual respect.

Tara Lea Russell Osborne Camel Training Mongolia
(Tara & Russell) Training Camels in Mongolia

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Join us – Only offering 8 Places  5 Places left – get in quick!

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What qualifies us to teach…?

Along our camel journey we’ve learnt many things, often the hard way, which makes us determined to share all the camel information that we know with you through training camps such as this unique trip to India. We specialise in helping camel enthusiasts get Camel Confident with their wooly friend(s), learn how to handle, train, bond with and care for camels.

We’ve had an array of experience working in and managing…

Riding Operations
Camel Trekking
Camel Expeditions
Running Camel Training Clinics Australia Wide & Internationally
Camel Management & Farming
Camel Expeditioners
Tourism Operations
Camel Consultants

Other International Camel Experiences such as Mongolia and Thailand 
Mentor’s for other Camel Business Owners

And…. we simply LOVE LOVE LOVE camels and can’t get enough of them (apparently our 18 camels isn’t enough).

What is Camel Connection Trust Based Camel Training™?

• Totally non violent (trust and respect are the key foundations)
• Two way relationship between camel handler and the camel.
• Encourages the highest level of two way respect.
• Develops understanding of a camel’s psychology
• A loving and trusting bond between handler and camel.
• A gentle camel training and handling method compared to more traditional styles of training.

You’ll have the best camel experience of your life in India’s bright, colourful, welcoming, exhilarating country that feels like a whole other world!

Join us – Only offering 8 Places  5 places left – get in quick!

$ 4497pp (AUD), All Inclusive. To book you only pay $2347 upfront 

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