India Camel Journey – What Really Happened

In November we journeyed to India with a small but mighty group of fellow camel loving people.

We had an itinerary planned. We were to buy 6 camels in India, teach our training course (Camel Connection Trust Based Camel Training®) to our group, hence the camels got trained, then walk these camels 100km from our Indian village where we stayed to the famous Pushkar Camel Fair. We had it all down pat, but, like with all our international journeys, we create A LOT of room for flexibility and we’re sure glad we did.

Before returning home we planned to gift the camels we brought to a village so that they can breed & milk the female camels to help preserve ‘the camel’ in India as numbers are declining.

Listen in now to hear about all the surprises we got along the way on our India Camel Journey, including new lessons learnt – they were abundant!

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A big part of this journey was to support a local Raika village’s economy and help ‘preserve’ the camel in India (as numbers are dwindling due to modernisation etc). The 6 camels we brought now have a forever home with an Indian village in Rajasthan in which we fell in love with. Upon returning home Russell wanted to help further, knowing that we were expecting some baby camels from our 6 Indian camels. The village wants to start milking the camels to feed their families, Russell set out to fund them a milking machine to help with this process, especially when the camel herd grows. Tune in now to find out what happened in the end…


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