How To Weigh Camels WITHOUT Scales!

how to weighing camel


Knowing the weight of your camels is one of “the most” important things to know for excellent camel care giving.


If you read / watch / listen to our blog regularly you’ll know that there’s one basic camel caring rule: If you have camels they MUST be on a parasite control program, because camels have not evolved to ‘deal with worms’ which makes them not only susceptible to worms, but can make them very sick. Which makes drenching / de-worming camels a top priority and you can’t do THAT properly, or effective enough, without knowing the camel’s weight. 


Parasites aside, you’ll need to know your camel’s weight for effective medication dosage and the like.


Proper medication dosage is crucial to a camel’s wellbeing!


So, if you’re anything like us and you don’t have cattle or large animals scales (#lifegoals ), you can still get your camels weight using only a measuring tape and your two hands!


NOTE: Check your camel’s weight regularly and keep track of it on their health records (we have a health records template in our Cameleer Academy Membership)


Please note, we are NOT the original source of this amazing formula and it’s not clear who is (we think it comes from an early publishing of some medical camel book). If you do know the source – get in touch so we can credit it!


Below is the video of the How To Weigh a Camel WITHOUT Scale and below the video we have published our Cheatsheet of instructions and the formula, which we made available to our Cameleer Academy Members a little while back, but we wanted to share it with you too. 


It’s a very simple and achievable formula (even for the ‘non-matical’ minded people).


Of course there is another easy way to weigh your camel if you want to take them on a little field trip two ways:


  1. Take your vehicle and trailer across a weighbridge and get the Tare weight. Then put your camel in and minus the Tare weight.


  1. Walk your camel onto a weighbridge! 


We hope you find this valuable and if you know of other camel owners please share this with them!





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