How To Start (or expand on) Your Own Camel Biz

How to start a camel business or camel operation

How to start (or expand on) your own camel biz.

This was one of our LIVE videos in our Cameleer Academy membership group, where we offering live camel training, handling & husbandry/wellbeing videos for all membership to enhance their camel skills and knowledge.

Perfect video for you to watch if you’re considering starting a camel biz or have one & open to learning more or are possibly wanting a camel biz, but don’t know where to start.

We cover….

• The history of our camel biz & how we got to where we are now

• How to find your WHY in your camel biz idea

• Why there’s no such thing as competition

• Why making money is important (beyond the obvious)

• Mis-takes & failures we’ve made in biz

• Our biggest biz regret

• If you wanna pursue our reccomendation of Biz training start watching Marie Forlio’s free Biz training by following this link (you’ll LOVE it we just know):

Don’t miss this opportunity if you’re considering a camel biz within the next 12 months (only comes around once a year).

Plus so many other gold nuggets.

Watch (or listen) and post any questions in comments

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