How To Plan a Camel Training Session

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Having plans… Executing plans…. Plans not going to plan…. Today’s podcast is all about How To Plan a Camel Training Session.

We take you through reasons why planing a camel training session is a good idea (even if it doesn’t go to plan) as well as…

  • How mental attitude counts (ways you can prepare yourself for a camel training/handling session)
  • The time you’ll need for a camel training session
  • The camel equipment needed
  • How to structure a training session 
  • How to measure your success in a camel training session
  • What rewards for the camel really should look like


…and more other helpful steps to get you connecting with your camel(s) and working WITH them.

Tune in now on your favourite platform to hear all about the wisdom of planning a camel training session (so you set yourself AND your camel up for success).

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Resources mentioned (clickable links):

Free Camel Training Webinar

Introduction To Camels eBook

Camels. A Compendium (book)

Virtual Camel School (Online Camel Training Course)

Level 1, Camel Connection Trust Based Camel Training®

Level 2, Camel Connection Trust Based Camel Training®


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In September of 2019, we’ll buying, training and gifting 8 Bactrian camels to a local nomadic family – and we’re inviting you to be part of this unique experience. 


When we travel international we like to get a taste of what it’s like to live like the locals.


For our trip to Mongolia this year, this means living with a Nomadic family, far away from cities, sleeping in traditional Mongolian Gers, learning local customs, bonding and sharing our cultures. 


Our 2019 Mongolian Camel Journey is for the open hearted and minded individuals who are willing to be flexible and to expect the unexpected.


We’ll be spending 5 days training 8 bactrian camel’s using our Camel Connection Trust Based Camel Training® in preparation for our camel trek to a local camel & eagle festival, and of course, their new home with a nomadic family.


We’re looking for adventures camel lovers, people willing to work in a team and be flexible and of course, willing to have the time of their lives!


Trips like this will open your heart and mind and leave lasting impressions which you just cannot find anywhere else.


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