How To Load Camels Into Trailers [Camel Q&A]

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Hauling camels can be a stressful experience for camel owners. 


Most people don’t realise that camel’s actually sit down to travel – they like to keep their centre of gravity – camels generally travel really well if given regular breaks of the vehicle stopping so they have a chance to stand up.


But what about the loading of the camel into a trailer? 


For an inexperienced camel, trailer loading, trucking, floating can be a stressful experience as most camels fear going into a ‘dark cave’ (the trailer box) where they can’t see a way out. Camels like to see all around them being a prey animal.


In this Camel Q&A we give some techniques you can use to help your camel feel calm, safe and trusting towards what you’re asking of them – to load into a trailer. 


We also drop our ‘secret tool’ to getting the best results to trailer loading camels. 


Tune in now to hear How To Load Camels Into Trailers.


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