How To Keep Your Camel Biz Afloat at This Time


These are concerning times with the COV ID 19 crisis occurring all around the globe. So many lives and businesses are affected and of course, camel business activity isn’t immune to this situation (and animals do NOT stop eating).


We’ve been receiving emails (thank you) from concerned camel business owners & operators with how they will keep their business ‘afloat’ while all businesses activity has stopped.


For most, if not all, camel business they need face to face contact with people to make their money (we know, we’ve closed down our Beach Camel Rides operation).


Camel sanctuary’s, camel rides operations, farm tours, camel milking operations, cosmetics & products are all feeling the effects of this “virus situation.”


So I (Tara) want to support you. I’ve had over 10 years in the online marketing “world” and I’m surrounded by incredible online business owners and I have some things that can help during this time with the knowledge that I’ve gathered.


Tune in to hear of ways that you can keep the income rolling in so you can feed your animals (because let’s face it, they can eat better than us most the time!) and keep your business afloat.


Oh, and leave a comment below if you had any creative ideas come to you through listening – or while in isolation. Let’s all help each other since we’re all in this together.

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