How To Feed a Camel

How To Feed a Camel

We recently spoke with Homesteady on their YouTube channel, who recently brought 2 camels into their homestead to help them become more sustainable in their lifestyle. 


But there’s always more to simply just buying camels. There’s many things to think about including the fact that camels are…CAMELS! Not cattle, horses, goats, etc, so that means feeding the camels and maintaining their health is a really exclusive (and complex) topic. 


One of the biggest mistakes new camels owners make is that they feed their camels like other animals, but in the long run this can be detrimental to the camels health in so many ways (too many to list here). 


As camel owners we want to do the right thing for our camels health and wellbeing, and as the saying goes…. “When you know better you do better”


Here’s the topics we cover…


  • How to feed a camel so you’re feeding the camels biology (and not wasting food).


  • Healthy Humps: How to tell if they are putting weight on or loosing weight


  • Before (or right after buying a camel) DO THIS RIGHT AWAY


  • Parasites is camels and how bad they are for camels 


Watch below now….


Learn if you’re doing Camel Husbandry & Care the right way with practical advice & feeding plans you can implement right away!


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