How to do your own Camel Trek or Camel Expedition

camel trek camel expedition

Depression had hit me hard. My mother had just died suddenly and un-expectantly. I didn’t want to leave my small flat. The blinds were drawn, the grief set in and made itself at home. I didn’t leave the house, even for bread and milk.

My company was my flat mate who was most understanding of my grief. We were sitting around the dining table having a chat, something had hit me at my core, my grief allowed it through. I burst out and announced “I’m going to walk across Australia for a children’s charity!” and so the journey began. The truth be, I needed to do this trek just as much as the children I was going to fundraise for needed the support of money.

I prescribed myself with a big, fat walk across Australia. Surely I’d find some healing out there? Maybe even discover strengths of myself that I’ve never seen before? Surely this would make me a better person? SURELY…!?

Isn’t that why a people like you and me want to do things like this? To prove that WE CAN and WE DID?

For me, personally, having the drive that I’m helping others at the same time as helping myself was a huge motivator. I COULDN’T let other people down, I’d walk through fire to keep to my word and it bloody felt like I did (e.g 52 degree – celeius- heat).

 Camel Trek Camel Expedition

I knew that camels were the only animal that could survive such harsh desert environments and yet be adaptable to other environments I would encounter. However, I knew NOTHING ABOUT CAMELS. I’d never been close enough to know what they are like, their personality & their nature but History has proved that these were the animals for the ‘job’ so I set out to learn what I needed to know about camels and expeditions.

Thirteen years later: I’m not kidding you when I say it took me thirteen years to finally take that first step of my 6,500km camel expedition. That first step I remember distinctly, it was like having sea legs, the earth moving underneath, I was not sure if I was dreaming of if I did really make this happen.

Thirteen years of my time, money, educating myself, organising my expedition, caring and learning about camels to make this camel expedition FAIL PROOF. I wanted to take my first step and be 100% confident. Confident I was, but nervous at the same time. My human nature naturally doubts this sort of crazy, un-logical idea of walking across Australia. But I knew I was ready, practically speaking. I looked at what I had done, gathered 8 camels, all the gear necessary, sold up all my belongings and spent a good $50,000 Australian Dollars! “This just HAD to work!” I thought to myself.

Camel Expedition

There’s not a day goes by when we don’t get an inquiry by an ambitious person wanting to do there own camel expedition or camel trek. People Google their hearts out to no avail and ask for our help. It’s inspiring to have these people approach us for information. Not only are they willing to learn, but they are also willing to do something completely unique, potentially dangerous even! To be completely honest once we brief people on what a DIY camel trek or camel expedition entails only about 5% of people will take the next step. Mostly people want to borrow fully trained camels and expect to survive the harsh desert elements without any know how. We just wouldn’t do that to anyone, not our camels either.

camel expedition camel trek

The biggest challenge of my camel expedition was not the 6,500km walk, it wasn’t the physical exhaustion or the mental challenges, it was the lack of or contradictive information about camels and camel expeditions. I should have known this in hindsight as only a handful of people have ever crossed Australia with camels. Most of them have been dead for years, but I was determined to find my way. Now I have this intellectual property (of information) I NEED TO SHARE IT with like-minded people who want to do their own Camel Trek or Camel Expedition. I can’t sit on this information and not share it with those willing to learn, because I KNOW WHAT IT’S LIKE TO WALK WITH CAMELS AND I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT TO ANYONE WILLING TO LEARN – it can be life changing. You don’t have to walk 6,500km to reap the benefits of a camel trip. In 5 days on our Outback Camel Safaris people go home with a different outlook on life. DOING YOUR OWN CAMEL TRIP IS EMPOWERING AND LIFE CHANGING, even camping trips with camels! You’ll be hooked once you start. You might even want to start up your own camel business!? The sky is the limit once you have the know how.

So we did it! We created the worlds first ever CAMEL TREKKING & CAMEL EXPDITION COURSE, and it’s all available to you now ONLINE with instant access. The time and effort we put into the filming, editing and creation of this course will be well worth the effort once we see people using this information for their own camel trek, camel expedition or even commercial operation!

Get all the KNOW HOW for your Camel Trek or Camel Expedition, build your CONFIDENCE and FAIL-PROOF your plans!

camel expedition camel trek training

The only place on the internet where you can get this information.

Learn all the ‘must knows’ of doing a camel trek or camel expedition including:

Camel handling skills


Life saving bush skills

How to pack camels

Saddle bags & important things to take

Camel management in the wilderness

What to bring along on your trip

And so much more!

camel expedition camel trek training

Don’t gamble with your – or your camels – life. Go on your camel venture 100% confident.

Don’t live out your fear of being underprepared!


camel expedition camel trek training



Written by Russell Osborne 


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