How To Choose The Right Camel

How Buying camels To Choose The Right Camel




Becoming a camel owner is an exciting time. Some people wait years to see their dream of owning camels realised, but how do you choose the right camel for yourself?


In this podcast episode we give you tips and advice on how you can choose the right camel which will set your new camel and yourself up for a successful longterm relationship.


We share with you tips on physical attributes to be aware of in camels, as well as how to do a ‘health check’ of the camel(s) you’re considering buying.


We also help you discover if you need to buy a trained camel or un-trained – this answer may surprise you!


If you’re considering owning camels or getting more camels then don’t miss this episode. We share years of ‘mis-takes’ and experience with you and also stories from our students/clients that will help you make the best informed decision about buying camels.


This is a camel buyers guide! Tune in now below to hear our tips and advice. 


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If you found value in this episode please leave a comment and tell us what your biggest takeaway was – we’d love to hear form you!


Happy Camel Connecting!


Russell Osborne & Tara Lea Australian Camels

Camel Training Cameleers Tara Lea & Russell Osborne



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