How To Build a Relationship With Your Camel

How To Build a relationship with your camel


Building a relationship with the camels that are in your life is essential if you want the best outcomes for them AND yourself in handling, training and as a companion. 


Camels thrive off relationships – all you have to do is look at their natural herd environments to understand how important relationships are to them, this doesn’t differ with their human companions, in fact camels can get quite attached to their human companions to the point where they might not see them for decades and finally be re-united with warmth and a deep love and respect. 


Today’s Camel Question comes from Renee and she ask:


“I am getting my very first camel at the end of this month, he is 4 months old. I want to make sure I start off our relationship on the right foot. Are there any must do’s and must not dos when meeting for the first time?”


In this Camel Q&A we discuss:

  • The all important points on meeting a new camel for the first time – wether that be as a pet, working animal or as a caretaker/handler. 
  • First contact, how to prepare yourself mentally
  • Meeting baby camels and more mature camels (the difference)
  • Must Dos and Must Not Do


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