How To Be a Traveller Instead of Tourist

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If you’re anything like us when visiting a place the last thing you like to be seen as, is a “tourist”.  We’d much prefer to be a “traveller”. Someone who takes every moment as it comes without being on a schedule.

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Our natural rejection of the ‘tourist’ status got us thinking that there must be others out there like us, and those ‘others’ surely want to travel rather than tour? Like us they might want to explore unfamiliar land where in most cases possibly no one else has ever been before – except maybe our Aboriginal ancestors? The traveller craves that immersion into new territory, the unfamiliar and mother nature. The Traveller wants to step out of their comfort zone and ‘get their hands dirty’ and experience outdoor living on a 24/7 basis. The Traveller wants to swap rubber tires for their own two feet and trek into the wilderness. Sound like you? Us too!

We want to share with you  what it’s like to be a Traveller trekking 800 million year old land (not kidding), exploring historic artefacts and walking beside camels (yes, you heard right – camels). Take yourself to another world, just for a few minutes, to get a glimpse of what it’s like to be a Traveller with us. Hold tight, as you’re about to be transported into another world, thanks to Jenifer, a fellow traveller on one of our camel treks in the Australian outback who almost instantly wrote to us after her experience…

She Says:

Getting out of the city and experiencing outback Australia is extraordinary, but to be walking through the land was truly an exceptional experience with the very gracious camels carrying all our gear and plenty of water, we were free to appreciate every moment out there. 

Everywhere, were the stunningly beautiful Flinders Ranges, sometimes in the distance, sometimes right there with us, changing constantly with the light, colours from blues to purples to reds.

The ground was a treasure trove, with every conceivable shape and colour of rocks, many ground-covering plants, exquisite flowers just coming up through the fine red sand, and various shrubs like the flowering acacias. I felt alive at it’s truest form.

camel trekking camel trek camel expedition desert wild flowers
camel trekking desert wild flowers

Lizards, goannas, wallabies, kangaroos, birds were always diverting our attention, not too alarmed to see us, and often we could get very close – every lizard we came across basking in the sun had a different pattern finely drawn all over its back. These are the things you notice when your in a full state of relaxation and joy.

Walking was so rewarding – there was so much time to take in everything around us, to feel part of the natural world, to feel a strong sense of place, and time to contemplate.   And then, of course, each day you’d feel fitter, more fantastic and happier.  Your mind became clearer, and there was no longer room for clutter or demons.

The camels became our best friends, each of us given a camel to care for.   My camel, Shyid, was very tall, beautiful, gentle and patient with me.  I would look way up into his face, and could see his beautiful fine, long, black upper-eyelashes against the blue sky.  We would lead them back to camp after they’d been out feeding in the mornings, get prickles out of their fur and groom them, before loading our gear onto them.  I loved the camels, watching them eat, pulling the yellow flowers off the acacia shrubs, listening to them chewing at night as they sat near us around the camp, their shapes visible through the darkness.  Sometimes we’d go and sit with them at night when they were very placid, and talk softly to them, and they’d let us cuddle them.  I miss the camels.

Australian Camels camel trek camel trekking camel safari
Camels on camel trek

Night times were special, not only because of the camels, but the sunsets were so beautiful and the nightfall so quiet. There was the great, bright moon, and those vast night skies littered with stars, never seen in the cities, evoking feelings of awe and contemplation of your own place in the universe.  Then there was fun of camping, being with a group of people around a fire, joking, laughing and then dropping into a swag and sleeping soundly.

Outback Camel Safari Camping with Camels
camping with the camels

Of course, the trek unfolded so beautifully because we were in the hands of an experts, very experienced cameleers who have camel trekked across Australia.  Highly competent, they managed all the day-to day- tasks so seamlessly, every moment was a pleasure.  Exceptional people, their love for their camels and the kindness they showed them, made our trek into a ‘feel good’ experience.

The camel trek lingers on my mind.  I feel enriched. I feel happier.  It shifted my perspective on life.  It was truly unique and very special to me.

outback sunset on camel trek
outback sunset on camel trek

Jennifer is a true traveller through and through! We know that most of you here can relate to similar feelings that Jennifer explained above. It seems that sometimes – if we’re lucky – those little snippets of life’s simple joys can seep through into our day to day life. While we’re caught in that moment of simplicity and joy (even for just a second) we immediately crave more! If you’re like us and want more simplicity, joy, exploration, adventure, grounding, outdoor living and special bonds then we invite you to check out our Outback Camel Treks (, you won’t be disappointed with what you read and hope that as a fellow Traveler that we will have the pleasure of your company on one of our adventurous outback camel treks

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