Hobbling Camels: Why You Should Learn This

Hobbling Camels


Camel Owners/Handlers: Have you ever thought about Hobbling your camel(s)….? 


Some people think it’s only to be used if you want to train a camel to ride etc, but that’s not the case ( we don’t use hobbles to train camels to ride / take a saddle in a camels Level 2 training).


We believe that every camel owner (or people that work with camels) should learn how to Hobble Camels – SAFELY of course – despite how perfect your domestic camel yard, race, crush or whatnot might be.


We can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard and seen people being seriously injured form attempting to hobble camels – camel’s quite easily can kick with their front legs – IT’S SCARY!


Mostly a camel will kick with their front legs out of fear, uncertainty and lack of desensitisation we cover all that in Virtual Camel School (Level 1). 


In this video we cover Why You (as a camel owner or handler – OR soon to be either) need to learn this invaluable skill of how to hobble a camel – SAFELY.




99.9% of injuries caused by camels are a handler error, don’t be part of that percentage (note: not an actual statical fact, just in our observation and experience).  


We’d HATE to see you get injured from hobbling a camel – it’s SO preventable with the right know how.


Watch the Video or listen to audio…


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Side Note: We’ve just dropped a new video tutorial  in the Cameleer Academy Membership on How Hobble a Camel (a few different ways) SAFELY.

Join us and other camel connectors worldwide and start consuming the world’s best camel information available on the net!


Happy Camel Connecting!


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  1. Randy Espe says:

    I am getting a 3 month old next week. I am a bit confused on the different programs. Ca n I talk to someone on the phone to get clarity on what would be best for me? Thanks, Randy from Illinois

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