Getting Into Camels in the USA & US History of Camels with Doug Baum

Doug Baum Texas Camel Corps

Doug Baum, from Texas Camel Corps USA, reminds us a lot of ourselves and our journey into camels. Doug went from knowing nothing about camels (and being a musician) to becoming a leader in the Camel Industry field in the USA.

We talked to Doug about what camel mistakes he made along the way and what he would change if he could do it all over again – everyone can learn something form this!

Doug Baum Texas Camel Corps
Doug trekking with one of his camels

Doug also shares with us how hard it is to get good and reliable camel information in the USA and what he is doing to try and implement more reliable and good camel information.

As always we love to ask our guest (especially international ones) of their opinions on the Australian camel ‘cull’ (killing of camels) and it’s industry, Doug delivers on his views on what we’re doing to our Australian camels. It’s a very interesting contrast considering that we kill camels in Australia and in the US people are paying $10K per camel! Talk about contrast! 

Doug Baum Texas Camel Corps
Doug Baum travels extensively making human and camel connections.

Doug Baum shares so much camel information and wisdom including the interesting history of camels in the USA, which he demonstrates, live, with his camels throughout the US with his camel business, Texas Camel Corps as well as running a few camel treks a year, not to mention his countless travel all over the world to places with camels and interesting people. To us, Doug seems to love to connect with others on his travels and has made some great connections along the way. You’re going to love this episode!

A must listen (or watch) for any camel enthusiast!

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