From Songlines to Maps: 5 Things a Map Can’t Tell You

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Once in a while you surf the net and come across something totally unique and different. So you’ve landed upon this site. You’ve had a look around and began to realise that this is different. Something you’ve probably never considered before. Camel Trekking in the Flinders Ranges or anywhere really!
In ancient times, in Australian the Aboriginal people moved across this vast continent using song lines and stories to get from place to place. They would sing a particular song passed down from generation to generation to determine when they might reach a waterhole (water source) for example.
Nowadays it’s not so musical, we use maps from Geoscience which outline the topography and approximate features of the landscape. Using modern technology and Geoscience maps, we are able to know at any stage of traversing the continent, exactly where we are, down to the closest meter. Probably not as close at the ancient song lines, but certainly a modern take.


5 Things a Map Can’t Tell You:
1. A map will not tell you what the scenery will be like.
2. A map will not show you the sunrises and sunsets of the Australian Desert.
3. A map can give an approximate indication of what wildlife may exist in such locations but without seeing this for yourself, you will never know!
4. A map cannot describe the friendships developed by a group traversing the country using a map as the tool of navigation.
5. A map will never be able to describe the sense of being a part of something bigger than ourselves as we travel country where no-tourist trail has been set, no road, no wagon, no track, no people!

These things above can only be told through stories. Sharing memories and pictures. It’s so easy to get lost in the sorties and pictures that we see on the internet, especially social media, but often we “like” things, but don’t question “what would it be like for me to experience this?” It takes something that is close to your heart to stand out and scream “Experience me!”. These types of decisions, if acted upon, are never regretted.

The Aboriginal people told a lot of stories, namely: Dreamtime Stories. Some instilled fear so that laws will not be broken, others were there to keep them surviving and others where open to experience. This is why the Aboriginal people are so vast in their knowledge of the land. It’s instilled in them like a microchip has been inserted in them & an information download has taken place. It’s something that we can learn from the Aboriginal people who still live with this knowledge in their generations. It’s something we learn form the land when we trek with the camels, if one is open to it.

Many of our fellow trekkers on our outback camel treks are surprised that they have such resilience in them and that some sort of ‘primal’ instinct takes over their whole being while being in the Australian Outback for 5 days. They go back to their normal lives with a whole new perspective on life and different way of thinking.

We, Outback Australian Camels, like to do things a bit different. We’re not another camel ride operation. We’re explorers of our diverse country and invite you to do the same if it’s calling you. Discovering the land with others, seeing the wildlife, the sunsets and developing the friendships with camels & humans alike as we discover ancient country whilst the camels carry our supplies.
If you care to learn more about this experience don’t delay! These things don’t last! Click here to find out more.

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