Fencing Requirments For Camels

Fencing Requirements for Camels


A big misconception is that camel’s require some “fancy” fencing requirements in order to keep them secured in a paddock or field.


In this video you’ll learn how smart camels are when it comes to fencing as well as seeing the types of fencing you can incorporate into your property, farm or ranch to keep camels safe, secure & happy.


We cover…

– Whats works for our camels

– What’s NOT working

– Why camels will “test” fencing and boundaries

– How to stop any camels from pushing on or ruining fencing.


Watch Now to learn about Fencing Requirements for Camels….


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Camel Husbandry Book how to care for camels


REMEMBER: Always check with your local council or county on their requirements for large animals such as camels.


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