Proper Drenching (DE-WORMING) Of Camels

Drenching Deworming worming camels

Proper drenching/de-worming is paramount to a camels health, but from the outside it’s not always easy to know whether they have a parasite burden or not.


That’s why we thoughts we’d share these Instagram ‘stories’ that we shared recently an upload here so you can use this as a reference for keeping your camels, or the camels your care for, healthy.


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We also covered the topic of Osteo-Dystrophy in camels – otherwise known as Big Head in camels (also in horses & cows etc). We have a very stick camel with this awful and very common disease.


This is not a contagious disease, but once a camel has it, they have it for life. Unfortunately no studies have been made with camels and osteoporosis-dystrophy.


EVERY CAMEL OWNER and or those that care for camels need to be educated on PARASITE CONTROL & OSTEO-DYSTROPHY as these two things are very common issues amongst camels.


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