Do Pet Camels Need Training?

Pet Camel Training



Having a pet camel is one of the biggest joys in the world!


Camels are affectionate and really do crave their human companion’s connection. 


So, if you’ve got a pet camel, with no real intention to use them for riding, trekking or any other activities do they need to be trained?


Maybe you have a camel for ‘weed’ eating’ purposes – do they need to be trained?


We travel the globe observing all kinds of camels and their human companion’s future desires for them, but ultimately the success of ANY camel all comes down to one thing. 


Tune in now to hear if pet camels need training.


camel connection podcast


Or listen on YouTube below…



Happy Camel Connecting!


Russell Osborne & Tara Lea Australian Camels

Camel Training Cameleers Tara Lea & Russell Osborne



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