Dealing With “Pushy” Camels [Camel Q&A]

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Probably one of the most common concerns of camel owners is them having a “pushy camel”. We were so pleased to receive this question from Christine so we can address this issue that many camel owners face. 



“How do you discipline a camel? I am new to camels and one them has been getting pushy and not paying attention to my space. How can I correct that before it becomes dangerous… Thanks” – Christine


The good news is that this ‘pushy’ camel behaviour is reversible if you’re willing to put the time and effort into your camel consistently.


In this Camel Q&A we help you understand WHY some camels push on their owners/handlers and some simple, but effective handling & training techniques you can implement to eliminate this bad habit.


Tune in now to hear how to deal with ‘pushy camels.’


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