Day 1: Camel Training Series | Starting The Camel Training Process

Camel Training

Welcome to Day 1 of our Camel Training Mini-Series where we, Tara & Russell teach short, insightful camel training lessons to help you get started with Camel Connection Trust Based Camel Training®, our signature camel training method designed to tap into the camel’s psychology so that you can better understand The Camel!


In This episode, Day 1, we are talking about The absolute first thing you should do – BEFORE starting any physical training with camels.


The first thing you need to do before starting any training with a camel is build a relationship. 


What does this involve & actually mean [to build a relationship with a camel] and why?


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Do This Before You Start Camel Training, Topic Points:


  1. They are a big animal, you need to trust them and them you.
  2. Build a bond, connection and a trusting relationship, this will motivate the camel to do things you’re asking of them.
  3. Camels are wired for connection & are extremely curious animals
  4. Human Fear Vs Camel Fear
  5. Learn camel psychology, the “Theory,” before training a camel


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We’ll catch you on the Day 2 of the 7 Day Camel Training Mini-Series where we will cover Camel Training Equipment you need for successful training. 


Russell Osborne & Tara Lea Australian Camels


Tara Lea & Russell Osborne Camel Training




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