Day 7: Training Camels To Take a Saddle

Training Camels To Take a Saddle


Welcome to Day 7, our final day of our Camel Training Mini-Series where we, Russell & Tara teach short, insightful camel training lessons to help you get started with Camel Connection Trust Based Camel Training®, our signature camel training method designed to help you tap into the camel’s psychology so that you can better understand The Camel!


In This episode, we’re talking about Training Camels To Take a Saddle for the first time.


Students who attend our in-person courses are always amazed that only after 3 days of training, camels are willing to accept a saddle, for the most part, without too much drama like bucking etc. In fact it’s rare when a camel does buck when accepting a saddle for the first time – if, that is, the training foundations are set right.


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Training Camels To Take a Saddle for the first time Topics:

  • The Right Training Foundations To Set
  •  What’s Trust & Connection got to do with it?
  • The Gentle Step by Step Method (no bucking Broncos)
  • How to set The Scene for a quick & successful first saddle encounter 
  • Correct Equipment to avoid accidents and bad experiences (aka Trauma) 
  • Acceptance Vs forcefulness. 
  • Readying the Camel 
  • Camel Confidence
  • Checking your leadership status 



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