Day 5: Decoding Camel Aggression & Misbehaviour

Camel Aggression & Misbehaviour


Welcome to Day 5 of our Camel Training Mini-Series where we, Russell & Tara teach short, insightful camel training lessons to help you get started with Camel Connection Trust Based Camel Training®, our signature camel training method designed to help you tap into the camel’s psychology so that you can better understand The Camel!


In This episode we are Decoding Camel Misbehaving & Aggression.


99.9% of anytime a camel is displaying aggression or is “Misbehaving” they have a very good reason for it, and let us just say, there are hundreds of reasons a camel will display this kinda behaviour, but we only have time to give you a few reasons so lets dive in…


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Decoding Camel Aggression & Misbehaviour TOPICS:

  • Camel health & wellbeing
  • Worms & how this affects the camel
  • Camel Confusion
  • Consistency with what you’re asking and how you’re asking
  • Camel Trauma 
  • Bottle Raised Baby’s and Boundaries 
  • Trick or Treat?
  • Pregnant camels or camels with calf
  • Camel Depressed
  • Camel boredom & Stimuli 
  • Bonding & Connection
  • Camel psychology in training
  • Mixed species training methods


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We’ll catch you on Day 6 of the 7 Day Camel Training Mini-Series where we will be talking: How to Train Camels To Respectfully Walk on Lead


Russell Osborne & Tara Lea Australian Camels


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2 thoughts on “Day 5: Decoding Camel Aggression & Misbehaviour

  1. Gerrie Erxleben says:

    I am LOVING this quick teaching about Camels! Just before we all head out the door for work, it’s a great way to learn just a bit, from two people who I feel are most wonderful and have a tremendous understanding of how a camel thinks and feels! Thank you for giving us all this gift! 🙂 I am enjoying each and every single day of the lessons! 🙂 GE

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