Challenges of Women Who Work with Camels

Women Who Work With Camels AMY CHRISTMAS


You know those moments when you begin to become interested in something (aka like camels) then suddenly more and more “camel Things” and “camel people” enter your realm…?

Well, for our podcast guest today, Amy Christmas, her entire world and life opened up because of Camels and lead her to opportunities and experiences she couldn’t have dreamed up, and now, because of her challenging experiences of moving abroad to Qatar (from the UK) and trying to gain information on camels – yes, even in a Middle Eastern “camel country” she’s now sharing stories from women all over the world on their experience within The World of camels.

In light of International Women’s Day, let’s celebrate just some stories & challenges of Women Who Work With Camels with me Tara, from Camel Connection & Amy Christmas from One Woman Caravan

You’re going to love this episode so Stay tuned for more.


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