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Most Overlooked Actions When Training Camels

  Sometimes simplicity counts more than complexity and when training & handling camels this is defiantly the case.   Camels can have that effect on you – brining you right back to the basics.   In this episode it may not seem like the things we talk about are basic overlooked actions, but to the […]

Women Who Work With Camels – Celebrating INWD 2020

Women Who Work With Camels Camel lady Cameleer

Being “Pretty” isn’t our aim in life… #WomenWorkWithCamels Celebrating International Women’s Day, March 8th 2020.     Although we could have an entire social page & website dedicated to Women Who Work With Camels (because there are SO many inspiring Camel loving ladies in this world)…. We did a social take over & to share some […]

Life Lessons Learnt From Camels 2.0 – Ego & Camel Training

camel training

  Every month we take a moment to reflect with you here the lessons we are continually learning form camels and we know that if you live with animals (especially camels) you’re more than likely getting these ‘life lessons’ too.   Animals are such a gift to us and in this podcast episode we are […]